Health and Safety

Health and Safety

         The safety of the students and staff is everyone’s responsibility and is of paramount importance. Staff should be vigilant at all times and if necessary take preventative action.

·         General maintenance problems, loose wiring etc should be reported using the maintenance form in the Staff Room.

·          Health and safety problems in the labs should be reported to the management


Medical Emergency Procedures:

If at any time during the day you notice a situation of potential danger to the children, you are asked to report it to administration immediately. 

·         In case of a natural disaster, such as an earthquake, fires, building destruction or other, all classes are expected to leave the school buildings and to gather in the playground in accordance to the Student Safety and Emergency Evacuation Plan. 

The teacher is responsible for evacuating the class when hearing the emergency bell. He / She has to make sure that all students have left the class in a line and gone to the gathering point where they will find help from other members of staff.

The safety of the students is the direct responsibility of the teacher in class or on duty.

Accident Report form must be completed whenever there is a serious accident involving 

students or staff. First adult on the scene is responsible to ensure American Section Administration is immediately notified and that form is completed.


If a serious accident happens, the teacher on duty has the responsibility of immediately surrounding the child and dispersing the crowd around him/her and sending someone to notify administration. 

·         If necessary, the school will take the student to the hospital and will immediately contact the parents of the child to meet him/her at the hospital.  

·         The moment the child arrives at the hospital, it becomes the hospital’s responsibility to give the appropriate treatment.