Dress Code

Al Waha teachers are expected to look presentable and formally dressed at all times, as they reflect the school image. Male teachers must wear ties properly tied at the neck except during extreme heat and Director’s permission is given.

Therefore, the following items of clothing are totally unacceptable:

Jeans of any form or shape are not to be worn on school grounds)

Slippers, flip-flops and/or sneakers

Skirts must be knee length or below the knee not above it

Excessive make up

Excessive jewelry (jewelry should be worn tastefully and respectfully)

Blouses must cover shoulders

No low cut V-necks for women

No skin tight pants

Males must wear ties properly tied at the neck .

Ties need not be worn (Except on Tuesdays and sports day, Informal dress will be allowed).

Art, Music and KG teachers are allowed to wear jeans and casual wear.

PE teachers may wear track suits

Teachers are expected to wear their name tags at all times.

Administration reserves the right to deem individual dress as appropriate or inappropriate. 

Student Uniform:

 All students are expected to be properly groomed for school and to wear the school uniform daily unless otherwise announced by the Administration. The school uniform consists of regulation or solid blue pants, and the regulation shirt (PE shirt or one with Al Waha logo). During cold weather all sweaters or cover-ups should be the regulation style or a solid dark blue color without a logo or insignia. Students who are not dressed according to the dress code might not be permitted to attend class.

Smoking Policy

Those students will be given the opportunity to: remove the non-uniform item, borrow clothes from unclaimed lost and found items, have the appropriate uniform clothing sent to school, or purchase items from uniform shop (we will happily extend the student credit and bill their parents). Our public image both in and out of the school is important. Please be courteous, patient and diplomatic, but remember SCHOOL AFFAIRS ARE CONFIDENTIAL. We do not expect private information about school to become the property of the general public. Parents often speculate or talk too much. Contractually, you may not discuss school affairs outside the school. 


Smoking is not permitted in any part of the school building or school grounds at any time· by any individual. This includes students, staff, parents or visitors. Teachers may smoke in designated area when parents are not present. (I,e, NOT between 845 and 930 am, 100 – 145 pm or 215 to 315 pm).

 * Chewing gum is totally prohibited at school for both students and teachers

· Punctuality

      Please be on time for lessons, weekly briefings, and break duties and do not release students until the bell rings. Teaching time is precious. Don’t waste it and don’t give breaks except at scheduled times. IP and ASL are not free lessons; students should have planned lessons and receive grades in those subjects. Teachers are required to submit all the paperwork on time without being reminded individually several times. Duty rosters must be followed by teachers, otherwise code of conduct will apply.