Elementary School

Elementary School Grading

Grades KG1 and KG2 will have a Standards Based Report Card that will be based on the Common Core Standards, on a Semester system. Their progress in mastery of the Standards in all curriculum areas will be measured and recorded on the Standards Based Progress Report four times a school year. If a student is having difficulties the parents will be notified through a Mid-Term report.

Elementary School (Grades 1-6):

A weekly report is sent home to inform parents of that week’s curriculum and the student’s behavior and effort. Teachers are to report to administration when there is a significant change in the student’s academic or behavioral performance.

Grades 1 to 3:

     Students are still in their development stage. Teachers are asked to use only grades A, B and C on reports to parents. Please address any concerns about a student’s progress with the School Director to allow scheduling of additional help or ESL lessons.